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Last night best conversation ever!

Hahaha! It feels so good just to talk to her. It makes me feel alive and just worry free even when I’m tired!

I love her to death like seriously shes everything I wanted and more!

At one point in our conversation, she did something that I didn’t expect her to do right at that moment, and so I got curious and I wanted to ask question’s but I didn’t want to crossover a line with her…and start being “dirty” with her….she meant way to much to me for me to start being dumb and stupid.

But when I didn’ tell her and I told her why I didn’t want to tell her….she said the most amazing thing I’ll ever here from any other girl, she said “Baby, I love you and I trust you.”.

At first I was so super super confused but quickly after I started to understand what she was saying I literally felt my heart just jump. It felt like it was ripping out of my chest!

We kept talking about us and how much we loved each other…then I kept thinking about what she just told me….and I couldn’t help but think these four words “I don’t deserve her.”, I just couldn’t believe she…..loves me so much that I’ll be able to tell her everything and anything. She trust me enough to actually hold her or even to touch her.

I don’t want to hurt her or do anything to hurt her……..shes too pure….too innocent for me…..yet she still wants me.

Its the most amazing thing to me. I love her.

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